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NMEA 0183 wire connections

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Hi There
I'm a new member and could use some help.
I'm installing a Lowrance HDS 7 and a Navman 3100 fuel monitoring system via NMEA 0187 and need help with the wiring. The following are the wires for each device.
Which wires connect to which for a GPS signal for the Navman fuel motering system ??

HDS7 Wiring NavMan 3100 Wiring
Yellow Yellow
Orange Orange
Green Green
Blue Blue
Bare Bare
Thanks in advance
RR Jury

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  • RR, Unfortunately there is no wire color standard for NMEA 0183. You need to determine from the manuals which pair of 0183 wires on the GPS is Output or TX -- generally called + and -, but sometimes A and B -- and which pair on the fuel system is Input or RX. TX+ to RX+ and TX- to RX- should get the data flowing, and it's very unlikely you'll hurt anything by trying.