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iPhone GPS

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All this talk about using the iPhone navigation apps has me a bit confused. Whenver I've tried to use a GPS app, either MotionX or Navionics, without having a cell phone signal, I got either no position or the wrong position.

In China, with neither a cell phone or WiFi connection, I simply got no position, the GPS could never locate me.

In Bonaire, with a WiFi connection, but no cell phone connection, Navionics placed me in Messina, Sicily. No kidding, and I even know a guy named Messina! I tried several times and Navionics always put me in Sicily, quite far from Bonaire.

Am I the only one with this problem? Has anyone had success using an iPhone GPS based app without a cell phone connection?

I just got an iPhone 4 and it seems to behave the same way.

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  • Russ,

    Can confirm that my 3GS behaved its self on a cross channel crossing to Jersey a month or so ago it locked on fine with no mobile signal nor wifi.

    Iphone 4's GPS is far superior locking onto more sats when inside steel objects that caused 'iffy' moments on the 3GS.