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Bill Bishop

Garmin AIS 600

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Does anyone know what the error message "01 PLL TX Unlocked" on a 600 AIS means. On start up, happy green "OK" LED. Happy Green "RX" blinking, On the first "TX" happy green, the "Waring" LED lights, followed by the "Error" LED. No happy "TX" after that. USB diagnostics only show the above error message. Unit is seeing AIS vessels in the area (at least class B).
N2K connected to 5212's, and the unit shows on the device list. Software is at 5.6. Good satellite reception. Inquiry was forwarded to Garmin engineering by tech support. There is somewhat of a shortage of docs in the box. wiring diagram only, and an inscrutable start up software disk. I will do a post on the %&*&^!* driver install. Tnx Bill Bishop

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  • PLL = Phase Locked Loop, analog circuit.
    TX = Transmit

    So this means a detection circuit determines that the VHF transmitter isn't functioning well.

    This could be the unit itself or the antenna.

    To test for the latter replace the AIS with a VHF & SWR meter, test the antenna. It could very well be that a short or open antenna situation still allows reception but prevents transmission.

  • Thank you for the comment. I had run a radio check, and spoke to Seatow about 15 miles away. I do have a meter, and I will check the antenna. Garmins's engineering department wants the unit back, and paid for fast freight to get it. I hope this is not a portent. A new unit will be shipped out on Monday. I will post any new developments as a FYI. Tnx Bill

  • Received a new AIS 600 from Garmin via fast freight, and it installed fine with no errors, almost. Garmin tech staff said to use the NMEA interface off the AIS 600's power cord to interface to the radio (Uniden 625) The Garmin install doc's show only the TX wiring, and no Rx wiring. I used the Orange/White, White, as the Rx line, and the Pink/Gray for Tx line. No joy, no fix, no data. The original Tx line from the 5212's does work.

    I did check the antenna with a meter, and it was fine. I will find a local boat this morning to see if the AIS unit is sending properly. No comment from Garmin regarding the original problem/error message.

    To installers of this gear, when using the included software disk, you computer will see the AIS as a UART device. Despite the instructions, your PC will not see, or find the driver, and this is not the Garmin USB driver from their website. You must open the CD, and click on the "Driver" there. A DOS-esque box will open, and the driver will install itself, and change the hardware name at the same time. it's all a bit inscrutable. No operator manuals are included with the system, so you have to play with it a bit. More news on the 0183 problem after I talk to Garmin. I love my job, but not every day. Bill Bishop

  • A last note about the AIS 600, despite what Garmin told me, and despite the somewhat sparse documentation that indicates to the contrary, a non N2K VHF must be connected directly to the chart plotter via 0183. Ignore the wiring diagram that shows the interconnect of the AIS 600 to another device via the AIS 600's NMEA link $%&%^( Bill Bishop

  • Bill, i just installed a new AIS600 and the unit is connected to the N2K network only and displays the targets on a lowrance HDS-8 with very good results. We have not made a connection to the ICOM VHF to use this as a DSC device for making use of the MMSI directly available on screen of the HDS8. I had no problem to use the software. We have an onboard computer of FITPC running windows 7 pro.
    Regards, Diederik

  • Thanks, Diederik. Are you sure the HDS is showing Class B AIS static data (boat name, size, etc.) via N2K from the Garmin AIS600? I'm pretty sure the Garmin is sending the standard PGN message, but am not sure that HDS (or NSE) software has been update to decipher it.

    Also, has anyone with a Garmin MFD figured out how to put the AIS600 into silent mode without wiring a switch?

  • Ben, it is all showing the Class B AIS data. I make on thursday a picture of it and will add this in the forum. I have updated the Lowrance HDS to the latest software revision Platform” and 56.14-3 and it worked very well. Ben when you like to receive the N2K network picture in our boat, please give me your email address.

  • Bill and Ben, I am just at our ship and have the following information for you.
    The AIS 600 is delivering the following pgn's 129038(ClassA) 129039 (Class B) and 129794 (Class A static and Voyage Related Data). I analyze this with the N2K analyzer from Maretron. All these data is present on our HDS8. When you needs pictures of it then i can send you them.

  • Hi All,

    is it possible to update AIS 600 by USB or from computer connected to NMEA 2000 network? Is it possible to detect firmware version of AIS 600 from computer on NMEA 2000? Maybe, some one has other idea how to update device in non-Garmin network?

    WBR, Alexander

  • Hi,
    updating trough USB is also what i need... I just bought AIS Sart devices for our life jackets and am not shure if the software version in our AIS600 is already compatible...

  • does anybody know when the Google Inc. will release their Satellite AIS tracking software because I read a tread about it here

  • Garmin AIS 600 receives all vessels but transmits intermittently. Have had boats with B class not seeing me at nominal range. Marine Traffic has 90 records in a 3 day period other vessels record 200+ in a 3 day period

  • My Garmin seems to function fine for a few hours then shuts down. No send or receive. Turn it off and it boots up and works again for a period. Tried with the 2000 cable plugged in, un plugged, usb in/out, thought it might be overheating so moved it but no difference. Garmin says have not heard of this before although a post on the Moody owners site has the same symptoms. Could it be the antenna?

  • I just installed AIS 600 connected to Garmin 3210 chartplotter via NMEA high speed. There are no operation instructions showing what to expect, does anyone have any?
    Unit does not seem to fully work. I get symbols of boats, if I scroll over a symbol I get "unknown vessel" and in the corner I get lat/lon for the cursor position and heading AIS Vessel. One close vessel showed name only. I had online discussion with Garmin before purchase and they assured me this was compatible with the older 3210 plotter which is not nmea 2000.

  • Did you leave everything on for a while, Lee? AIS "dynamic data" like location, speed and heading are transmitted frequently but the "static data" message with vessel name, dimensions, etc. only goes out once every 6 minutes.

    Also I'm pretty sure you can call up a list of AIS targets or a whole screen of info on a single target, though I'm not sure how you do it on a 3210. The manual maybe?