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Xantrex inverter chargers

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I found out from Xantrex today by telephone that they will be replacing the Prosine 2.0 and 3.0 with Freedom models in early March. Maybe Ben will see these at the Miami show and give us an update. My prosine 2.0 has been a genuine pain in the butt for the the last 5 years and I will be happy to replace it - maybe with a Xantrex if they announce a decent replacement with maintainable software.
Anyone who has a suggestion on an alternate replacement for the Prosine 2.0 please post. Thanks, Brian

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  • I'll have a look, Brian. I need some education in this area, too, and I just saw that Steve D'Antonio is giving a free webinar about "Advanced charging system, battery bank, and DC wiring design" on Monday:

  • As a service tech for over 35 years I can honestly say the the current products from Xantrex are of such poor quality and problematic that I highly recommend to anyone that wants an honest opinion that they consider several other manufacturers that are still building reliable and quality chargers and inverters. My hands down preference is Victron, and I have no affiliation and I only install the equipment, I don't sell any of it. bstrongs comment that his Prosine has been a pain in the butt makes me wonder why he would replace it with another Xantrex model. Simply renaming something does not make it of better quality.

  • I'd say buy Victron or Mastervolt instead.

    Both have a good range of stuff that is technically very sound.

    Their head offices are about 20 km from each other here in the Netherlands. As a result they compete fiercely against each other, resulting in better quality products for the consumer.


    (No relationship to either other than a satisfied customer. Although you could say I am geographically biased, I live in the Netherlands.)

  • I am now looking at Victron and Mastervolt at 3kva. They seem to be priced around $2500 versus around $1500. for the Xantrex Freedom SW 3000.
    Are there design, service availability, warranty, features, and/or observable quality differences that will help make the decision?
    Thank you, Brian

  • Brian, The previous comments should answer your question. There is a very good reason the Xantrex is less money and even at $1500.00 you have to ask yourself if you are will to pay that much for a product with a high probability of failure and will require at least returns for service and the cost that entails. Even though there is a warranty you pay the shipping to get it fixed, and add the down time when you will have nothing. It is like buying safety equipment, you can spend a couple of thousand dollars for a life raft or a few dollars at the tire store for an inner tube but which would be the prudent choice. There are still many cases out there where you do indeed get what you pay for. There are some areas where it might make sense to spend less but you still get less and then there are the times when spending less will cost you much more over the long run. Do a search on the Xantrex products and research, then do the same for Victron or Mastervolt. The answers will quickly appear. Beware of comments on a piece of equipment like, "my so an so widget has worked flawlessly for ten years so what is all of the fuss about?" The equipment from many manufacturers today are unfortunately not what that same manufacturer put out ten years ago or even a few years ago, which is why the continuing testing by folks like Ben is so important to the rest of us.

  • Cap'n Chuck I respect your perception of company quality differences. Look at what is happening to long respected Toyota's quality reputation right now.
    I am actually just requesting 2/3kva product information specifics:
    "Are there design, service availability, warranty, features, and/or observable quality differences that will help make the decision?"
    Thank you, Brian

  • Victron is a bit more industrial than Mastervolt. For instance, on the low end chargers (20-30A) they let the fan run all the time. Mastervolt makes them temperature controlled. The Victron design choice makes for a more reliable (simpler) but noisier system.

    Mastervolt has the edge if you want an extensive system with many devices, check out their 'masterbus'.

    I have no clue on most of your other Q's as those depends on how much support & service you can get locally (in your country).

    Find an installer or dealer that you trust.

    Based on my own advice I've selected Mastervolt for my next boat -- master shunt & battery monitor, three DC/DC converters, battery charger and inverter. All controlled from a simple graphical display with 1 button & touchscreen.

  • When I discovered that 100 amps was not enough to quickly recharge my 1400 amp hour battery bank I went shopping for a second inverter/charger. If money was no object, I would have selected Victron based on the thought process that goes into their designs. But I could not afford to start over, so I ended up adding another Xantrex 2500 watt inverter for about $600 (refurbished).

    Victron is the only product I know about that allows the inverter do more than just load share on a generator. If the generator reaches it's limit, the Victron inverter will stop charging and switch to generating power in tandem with the generator. They have presented several interesting concepts via testing and white papers on load balancing off-grid.

    You can search and find these on the internet - or download a copy from my website at:

    Click on the Defever link on the left side of the page. I found them very interesting reading.

    I think you are right to be concerned about service and support, but my experience with Xantrex is not stellar, so it would not take much to make an improvement.

    Although I have no experience with either, I think the Magnum and Outback brands were started by ex-Xantrex people after Xantrex gobbled up Heart and Trace. I've heard from other cruisers, but not experienced myself that they provide better technical support.

  • I saw the Freedom SW2000 and SW3000 at the Miami show. Both look the same but completely different from the family of inverter/chargers of Xantrex. I am guessing this to be a new platform design. Don't know much about the reliability of this one, its a fresh product. The SW3000 is more feature rich than the SW2000 and has support for the AGS and SCP. Xantrex makes another product called XW for renewable market, which uses the same AGS and SCP. I am hoping the SW3000 to be well designed using experience of other products. bstrong, for rice/watt, features and tech-support, go with Xantrex. My 2 cents on engineering perspective. Feel the weight of unit.. if its too light its a high-frequency design more prone to failures like the prosine. If the unit feels heavy, its a low-frequency design less prone to failures like the RVGS or XWs.

  • I will be installing the sw3000 and scp soon and will report.

  • My sw3000 arrived on friday so it will install this coming week. It weighs 75 lbs so hopefully the extra weight does make it heavily reliable. We will see. The SCP control panels are delayed so maybe arriving to meet up by install completion. Brian

  • My Xantrex SW3000 is now installed and running and is, in a word, quiet [unlike my old prosine 2000 which always seemed to be in labor]. Of course the technologies are different and it is 3000 vs 2000 W.
    The quality of the unit appears excellent and it is an easy install - as long as your existing cables reach easily as in my case. You do need a strong back though as 75 lbs seems much heavier if it goes high.
    Also note that you really do need the 'optional' SCP - system control panel [$185 street] to use the sw3000 properly. Otherwise you are stuck with default settings and no real monitoring data - which would likely cost plenty in battery dollars over time. The scp will not ship until around 4/9 so you might as well wait. I told xantrex they screwed up by not selling the scp as part of the package and I think they privately agree. Otherwise the xantrex support is excellent, once you have the correct telephone number: 866-519-1470.

  • Further to the necessity of the SCP, system control panel, option. Xantrex is air shipping me an SCP as my SW3000 is exhibiting a few quirks, at least as best I can observe with the limited tools and meters I have. More on this later but I will tell you that Xantrex is being quite responsive - as you would hope and expect when launching a new product. iMarineUSA, my supplier, has also been very helpful so I would buy from them anytime. They are in CA and I am in CT but they ship from a warehouse in NJ. You quickly get a first name relationship with them which in the virtual world is invaluable. More when the SCP arrives. Brian

  • Well, I have been around the computer biz since 1960 so who am I to be surprised? The SCP requires RJ45 terminators in the unused xanbus network ports on both the SCP and the SW3000. This is actually no great surprise when you think about it but it would help if Xantrex mentioned it in their product documentation and provided them - they are not easily found locally. I think Xantrex is learning much about the difference between marketing and engineering with this product. The engineering I think will prove excellent but not all would have my perspective. Customers have come to expect 'out of the box' delight [as demonstrated by Apple]. RJ45 terminators arriving tomorrow. Brian

  • SW3000 installed and purring along beautifully
    after stress exercises. Note that two rj45
    terminators MUST be installed in the unused
    xanbus ports and should be provided despite
    no mention in any documentation.
    Xantrex provided them and good support
    when asked but need to improve their install
    manual. Engineering gets an A but writers
    get a D.
    Do not consider installing without the optional
    SCP. You would not be able to configure or
    manage the SW3000.

  • fix the search function

  • I am on my second Xantrex unit. The first failed after 2 years. It was a prosine 3000, It is describe as field repairable on thier web site. But when I called Xantrex I was told to ship the unit back and they would repair it ( it was still under warranty). I was then told it would be 6 weeks before I received my repaired unit back. As I was ready to leave for the Bahamas this was not a solution I wanted. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told one would call me. NEVER heard from anyone there, not a word.... So to get the boat working I ordered a new Xantex freedom SW3000 so my trip to the Bahamas could go on. I know, stupid.. stupid... stupid... I get to the Bahamas and the new unit fails after only two weeks. I called and every person I have talked to has confirmed that they consider Xantrex products to be low cost disposable units. I am returning this unit to west marine!! I have learned my lesson, I just hope mastervolt control panel covers the whole from the removed Xantrex panel. I am now using a large car charger to charge my house batteries. :(

    Southern Belle
    Green Turtle Cay Bahamas...

  • I have a xantrex prosine 2000 in my boat. When it works, it works great. However, just after 2 years of ownership (translation, just after the warranty was up), the control panel failed. A new one was $300 bucks, and it took Xantrex over 1 month to send it to me. Luckily this happened in the off season. If the whole unit ever fails, I'll be pissed.. But if that happens, I will probably get a Magnum or other inverter/charger. The Xantrex fits really well in the space I have for it, though.. I guess that's the main advantage for now. I wouldn't buy Xantrex again either.

  • My old Xantex/Statpower Inverter worked flawlessly for 10 years, despite being frequently pushed way way past the limits. Imagine running a 1 1/2hp table-saw on an 800 watt inverter and ripping 1 1/2 inch teak! In the Tropics!

    I still have it, but recently upgraded to a 1000 watt unit from a friend, which seems to be doing well. I don't blow its trip-switch quite so often. Isn't that nice?

    And my new 40 amp Xantex charger with remote is also doing well. Right now I am 90 miles from the equator in a non-aircon boat and the unit is doing great. The fan comes on from time to time and is a bit noisy, I grant. I like the unit's ability to be reduced in power, which suits those times I hook it to a 600 watt gasoline generator. So far so good!

    So all in all, I am very happy with what those Vancouver Xantrex guys are doing. They've never let me down.

  • The Xantrex Prosine charger/inverters were certainly not their best engineering effort. I have replaced mine with the new SW3000 and it is a vastly superior device. Be sure to order the optional SCP system control panel as without it you will be flying blind. Remember also to terminate the extra ports on the Xanbus connector. Brian

  • the installation instructions state the sw 3000 can not be powered by single phase ac power.
    with 30 amp single phase shore power being the norm it appears i must locate a tranfer switch to single phase to convert. those that have done the install what type/ brand switch and where did you purchace it.
    Bill H

  • So Brian what's your impression of the SW3000 after having it for a couple of months???

    I'm looking at replacing my six year old Prosine 2.0. It's needing repairs and not worth it to me to repair. I'm inclined to Xantrex simply because the SCP panel will work in the existing cutout that I had for the 2.0 remote panel.

    Looked at and like the Mastervolt but their remote panel appears to be a completely different dimension.


  • Bill,
    I contacted Xantrex Tech support yesterday. I was advised that the Installation Guide has an error. I was told that I could wire the AC input in single phase. I followed the tech's advise an the unit appears to be working correctly.
    Contact Xantrex techies for guidance.
    Once I get the system properly configured I plan on depleting my batteries to determine whether I'm getting the full 150 amp charging capabilities.


    Dave N.

  • Jeff, Been cruzin so my regrets for the slow answer. SW3000 is fine by my measure running quiet and cool but my scp did not fit in the old hole for the prosine panel.
    Note also that xantrex had done a recall on some of the early units so make sure to read their www site about that. Brian

  • Prior to installing the SW3000 I had a Freedom 20 inverter/charger. The old charger had an irritating hum that was also audible through our flat screen when running off the inverter. Even the coffee maker exibited a hum or buzzing noise.
    The newly installed SW3000 runs quietly and I'm not getting any noise out of my electronics.
    After depleting my 660 ah battery bank, the SCP indicated that the SW3000 was charging at 146 amps.

    That's the good news. On the down side there were a couple of surprises. Xantrex markets the SCP as, "a single point of control to setup and monitor an entire system,". Silly me, I assumed that monitoring an entire system would include the battery monitoring capabilities that I had with my Link Battery Montitor. I had ripped out my Link monitor. In the process had cut the wiring harness in numerous places because that option was easier than pulling it through 25 feet of tubing.
    So now I have another wiring harness on order.
    The other surprise came when I discovered that the new and improved SW3000 doesn't include an echo-charger to top up the starter battery. The old inverter/charger had an echo-charger. So now I'm waiting for an echo-charger as well.

    Last bit of this rant. The SW3000 comes with a networking cable for the remote on/off switch. The SCP requires a networking cable, but none is included in the package. The supplied networking cable physically fits into the the SCP, but it is not compatible with the SCP. So, you have to run to the locat hardware store to by a proper cable.

    Overall, I'm happy with the unit. I'm not impressed with what I consider to be some basic features that are not included.


    Dave N.

  • All - More than 18 months since the end of these comments I find myself highly interested in this topic; so please let's say a few words about our experiences since August 2010.

    I am pursuing my third warranty replacement for my Prosine 2.0 2000 watt in the 11 months since I bought it, twice the main unit, once the remote panel. There have been issues in support and this will be my second package/ship expense, not to mention the down time.

    I was freaking out until I learned it has a 24 month warranty. Still, I'm 11/24th's freaking out.

    I believe that Xantrex will ship me a Freedom SW 2012 (with the remote panel surely, or it wouldn't be much of an equivalent replacement). The install would be painful (mostly geometry and weight) but I really really want this to be the last time I have to deal with this.

    So, with another 18 months of experience with the Freedom SW units, how is that working out for you?


  • Hey has anyone connected a Xantrex Automatic Generator Starter to Prosign 3000 with Westerbeke? If so what diagram did you use , and have you found it usefull.


  • A couple years ago in one of your posts

    you recommended victron for an inverter/charger to buy vs xantrax. do you still stand by this statement?

    I do tv repair and I see the quality going down the toilet as well, but with tvs, it doesn't matter what brand.

    Let me know and thanks,

  • When we want to install an Inverter/charger that does not need to be networked with anything else we are huge fans of the MS series by Magnum Energy. They are simple, reliable and have an excellent warranty/service program. They range from $1600 to $2000 and I'm pretty sure they are built in the US

  • I am coming in very late to the discussion here, but wonder if I could borrow from the expertise that is on display?

    I've found a very inexpensive used Prosine 1800 W inverter, and I would like to know if it might be a good bet. In my case, it will be a very simple application - installed into a minivan, running primarily an HMI lighting ballast (drawing 6 amps @ 110 volts). Beyond that, it will just be providing in-vehicle charging power for small electronics (stepped back down to 12 volts).

    In my limited-use application, is it likely that the used inverter I am looking at might be a good choice?

    I don't yet know the model no./iteration - waiting for the seller to get back to me on that. - thank you.

  • Grant. The engine will always be running, right? (After all, a car battery is a poor substitute for a boat house battery.)

    For the lights, had you considered using LED lighting that is driven from 12 volts, and is far more compact?

    For the small electronics, have you considered simply using chargers designed for cars?


  • Will the prosine 2.0 work without the display plugged in? I have one that was given to me from an RV guy, but it won't do anything. I do not have the display and I know on some of the other models the display just gave you more options but it didn't require it.

  • I would stay away from Xantrex. I have had my boat for 6 years, it came with a 2500 freedom that I had to replace and went with a freedom 3000 and last year it was shot again and so were my batteries. I replaced it with a 4000 watt mastervolt and 5 - 8D Lifeline house batteries for a total house bank of 1275 amp/hrs. Don't have too many hours on the Mastervolt with the bus and the masterview yet but from what three different techs have told me, it is the best, hopefully they were right because Xantrex sucks...

  • I have a Prosine 1800 Inverter (not charger) - it's the yellow one, 24 volt. It's worked great for me for the last 5 years but recently I tried starting a compressor with it, and the motor had trouble gaining RPM, and then the inverter shut down with a "DC-DC" fault. Since then the output is only 65 volts AC (about half the normal 120). The display is normal. So I opened the unit and I see TWO toroidal coils of heavy wire each leading from the POS terminal. I put a clamp AMP meter over each lead, while the unit is on producing 65 volts. There is obviously no load on the unit... but the meter reads a tiny amperage in the lead to one toroid, but ZERO to the other toroid. I'm guessing this is not repairable, but it seems that half my output is shot. BTW along with the two toroids are two actual transformers on the other side of the heat sink. If anyone has suggestions on how to troubleshoot and possibly fix this, it would be great. Otherwise it may be up for sale for parts. Thanks!!!

  • Hello Folks,

    Today I lost my second brand new Freedom SW 2012 inverter in as many months. I originally purchased a new Freedom SW 2012 from West Marine (with SCP) in March. Used it for 2 weeks and then left my boat for 6. When I got back the charger would not work. The transfer switch did work so had AC when plugged into shore power. A call to schnider resulted in them telling me that a pico fuse (whatever that is) had blown in the unit and that the repair was under warranty and made arrangements to replace it. Rather than mess with an expensive RMA I took the unit back to the westmarine where I purchased it and they replaced it with a new unit. The unit has been running every day without issue for 2 months. I have a 1200 Amp/Hr battery bank and run the charger two hours every day from a gen set at 100Amp/DC continuos output from the charger. Today... after turning on my HVAC (with the charger putting out about 80 Amps the freedom died. No sign of life at all. The transfer switch does not work, there are no LEDs, the SCP is totally black. My guess... the inverter can't deal with prolong max load.

    The freedom SW was purchased to replace a Freedom 20 that had been on the boat and working reliably for 20 years... The fan bearings on the Freedom 20 were shot and decided that after 20 years it would be good to replace it.. Little did I know that I was better off keeping the old unit.

    So... this time I plan to replace the unit with a Magnum MS series inverter.

    In my book the Freedom SW still has issues and should not be depended on when cruising.



  • I have a prosine 2.0 that I got with a boat that I bought that I know nothing about.. It is for sale. Best offer.. I have no idea what they are worth if anything.. Email me please..


  • Not to flog a dead horse, but I bought a Xantrex RS 2000 pure sine charger/inverter in 2008 and left it boxed and dry until I did a full refit. I finally installed it with a six L-16 FLA battery bank last summer. Worked a charm, but the SCP has "lost" contact with the charger, and reports "Standby"...this is despite receiving power from the unit (where the network light is off) and despite new cabling, etc. So I suspect the Xanbus portion is dead. I've done every form of hard reset, no dice. As it's out of warranty, and short of opening it up to find a loose connector or other end-user-fixable, obvious repair, what is the present preference for charger inverters, Victron or Mastervolt? Needless to say, Xantrex is off the list, which is a shame as it worked flawlessly...just for six months.