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Bill Bishop

DSM300 sounder module problems?

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I have a client who is getting his 5th or 6th DSM sounder module within 12 weeks. The original unit (1 1/2 years old was spotty in operation. I replaced it under warranty, and this unit kept "falling asleep"(three blink red (high temp which did not exist)). I did the boot strap upgrades on the module, and E120's had current software .it was OK dockside, but would fail intermitantly during cruising. The Ray rep was called in and he replaced it with a new unit, and it failed immediately due to "cold solder joints. He replaced it with another new unit, and it failed due to cold solder joints. (I wasn't there, but thats what the rep said) a new unit is being tested under heat for 48 hours, and will be installed early next week. I hadn't seen the solder joint for almost two years, but the rep said this was ongoing until November 2009 in manufacturing. Symtoms are loss of bottom, blinking depth, DSM connection lost message, but screen stays blue, and may restore connection by itself.

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