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Maretron Sensor questions

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I am looking to install a Maretron TLM100 ultrasonic tank level sensor. My holding tank does not have a mounting flange. I am trying to find a 5-hole flange or use 1 1/2" NPT flange, any suggestions?

Since the TLM has 2" of deadspace under it - I am considering mounting 2" of PVC piple and then install the sensor?

I like the J2k100 sensor for the engine but cannot determine if my Yanmar 4JH3 has a J1939 interface?

Thanks for any and all assistance.


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  • I just installed several of the TLM100's on existing tanks. My holding tank had a 1 1/4" BSP mount, so I bought an adapter from Maretron.

    If the tank is brand new, or never had any sensor, then the easiest thing is to tap a 5-hole pattern into a piece of G10 (assuming the tank is plastic or glass) and epoxy it to the tank.

    Note that Maretron strongly recommends the use of their black water "air lock". They have several versions for different mounts. However, the air lock limits the range over which the sensor can judge depth and if the tanks are shallow you may end up with a very limited range.

    I also suggest you calibrate it with a real DSM250, not with the N2K Analyzer program, or the DSM250 emulator in the N2K Analyzer. The N2K Analyzer calibration is close to impossible (requires knowing the distance from the sensor to the water), and the DSM250 emulator crashed several times on me at critical points. The DSM250 itself works fine.

  • Russ,
    thank you for the warning on the calibration. unfortunately, I do not have a DSM250 so I will have to try to make it work with the N2K Analyzer program.

  • I have installed a Maretron TLM100 tank sensor for my watertank and a TLA100 for my fuel tank (the sensor on the fuel tank was brand new).

    The vendor calibrated bot units

    The TLA100 work great and provides stable readings. However, the TLM100 is unstable cycling between readings from 93% till 0% and in the process sounding the low level alarm. This happens while the boat is stable in the harbour.

    I have tried to disconnect the TLA100 to rule out network identification problems between the two units, but to no avail.

    Ideas and thoughts would be welcome