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Lowrance HDS systems with AIS question

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Can someone please tell me if the Lowrance HDS units will display AIS targets on either the radar or chart screens. I can't seem to find much information on using AIS with the HDS units. I'm looking to outfit four 46' boats with HDS-10 units 2 each, however I must have some type of AIS target overlay displayed either with the chart or radar screens. I was considering the Navico AIS class B unit with the setup.

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  • Hi JDC,

    Yes HDS displays will show AIS targets. Certainly on the chart display, I haven't actually tested it with the separate radar display. From memory there is also a "AIS overview" that gives you a list of targets, distance etc.

    You can also choose which AIS targets to display: all, none, moving only or dangerous only (CPA/TCPA based).

    The latest software upgrade also has DSC integration with VHF over NMEA2000 to the HDS series.

    See these two pictures:
    Chart display with AIS target
    Target detail

  • I don't think HDS is showing AIS targets on plain radar screens, but it definitely shows them on charts, including charts overlaid with radar. Either one of the Navico Class B transponders will work fine with HDS using plug and play NMEA 2000.

    But I have an obnoxious question, JDC. If you're going to buy 8 MFDs, shouldn't you try one first? Also, while the HDS is a good MFD, have you considered alternatives like Simrad NSE, Garmins, etc.?

  • Thank You guys very much for the quick replies!

    Kees the pictures are exactly what I needed to see, thanks for taking the time to post them.

    Ben, That's really not an obnoxious question. I don't think anyone should go out and just blindly buy 8 new MFD units. I do have one HDS-10 unit that I have been playing around with for the last 3 months. I just don't have access to a compatible NMEA2000 AIS unit. And I just really want to make sure this system is worth considering, before moving forward with an upgrade proposal where I have to provide a comparison of three different systems for consideration.

    With all the others alternatives that I am also looking at, I have no problem seeing it at work or finding all the details I need. With Lowrance, they seem to not provide a whole lot of information on their products.

    Cost is not an issue here, the only reason I am looking hard at the Lowrance units is because Lowrance is the brand we currently have. I Have a situation where training is an issue that comes with other systems. I can't have an excuse for a boat not being able to respond to a call because the captain can't plot a course or adjust the radar in the fog with a new system.
    Some people just don't grasp new technology that well or as quickly as others. And so I have to kind of try to soften the blow as much as I can with the selection of a new system.