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Ben E

iPhone & Touch Bluetooth

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As best I can tell, iPhone Bluetooth, as well as the Bluetooth the Touch got with V3.0, only support mono and stereo headsets. That's nice (love my Motorola Rkrs), but it sure would be nice if they also supported Bluetooth GPS units, keyboards, and more...without any hacking. Does anyone know if this going to happen?

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  • [bragging]
    My DROID has onboard GPS and a keyboard. EarthNC is developing an App for it. It does radar too, and there are 29 different Sudoku apps available, most free!

  • Sandy,

    Tell us more about your DROID, what did you have before this ?

    I almost purchased the Verizon DROID this past weekend then hesitated as I took an instant dislike to the keyboard and read that that people are waiting on a better outlook client.


  • There are now several hardware manufacturers making add-on GPS sleeves for the iphone and ipod touch. GPS data is delivered through the connector to the system Location service. While all GPS apps will benefit from better GPS precision, they will not be able to access raw NMEA data.

    Remember the old Navman sleeve for the iPaq?

  • the iphone 3GS with ver 3.0 or greater operating system supports the following bluetooth profiles

    Phone Book
    Access Profile
    Advanced Audio
    Distribution Profile
    Audio/Video Remote
    Control Profile
    Personal Area
    Network Profile

    the HID profile would be needed to support mice and keyboards, the 3GS could support it but I havent heard off any release or update to support it


  • With a jailbroken iPhone, you can get roqyBT for $10. That allows external Bluetooth GPS's to work with the iPhone. I've tested it and it seems to work with everything I've thrown at it although I haven't used it for hours at a time yet - waiting to get underway for that.

    More info can be gotten here:

    Warning - if you buy this from the roqy guy in France, he takes his time before returning an unlock code. I needed to write a threatening I'll-get-my-money-back-from-PayPal before he finally responded after a couple of weeks.