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Maretron vs Airmar PB200

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I am looking to upgrade my trawler's electronics. I currently have Raymarine RL80+ displays - chartplotter, radar, analog engine gauges and tank tender tankage monitoring.

I would like to add a wind instrument and am looking at the Maretron MB100 or the Airmar PB200 - recommendations?

I have two computers at the helm - Weather Worx and video cameras. I am thinking I will install Coastal Explorer.

If I put N2K onboard, I am thinking the Maretron engine monitors for my Yanmar 4JH3-hte(s), and then the Maretron ultrasonic level monitors for fuel, water, holding.

What should I be considering or looking at?


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  • The motion correction feature of the PB200 places it way ahead for use in measuring apparent wind.

  • Opps, I just reread and see you have a Trawler. My recommendation was based on a sailboat. Not sure for your application which is best.

  • Anyone else having problems with N2KBuilder? Whenever I save my configuration on my PC it crashes. I use Microsoft XP Professional and Windows Explorer 8.

  • Hello,
    I have ordered a PB200 with a WSC15 cable. I have ordered the mrtAT10 - Maretron NMEA 2000 /NMEA 0183 Bridge but have been told that I need to order a special cable that converts from Simnet to NMEA. Should I instead have ordered the Maretron USB100?

  • What does simnet have to do with this ? What is the purpose of the bridge ?

    Which output of the PB200 are you using? The NMEA-2000 output (the connector is compatible with Maretron NMEA-2000 cables) or the 0183 output of the PB200 ?

  • I'll bet the NMEA 2000 to 0183 bridge is get the N2K info into either the old Raymarine gear or the PCs, or both.

    Henry, yes you do need a SimNet to DeviceNet adaptor cable to use the AT10. But I'd sure check out the new Actisense N2K-0183 bridge, which looks like it will convert more information and has a standard devicenet plug. Also check out Actisense's N2K-PC gateway. Coastal Explorer has promised to support the straigt up N2K messages the gateway will deliver, and they'll hopefully include engine info which can not be bridged to 0183. The Maretron USB100 can do the same thing, but I'm not sure when Maretron will support this.

  • Ben,
    Thank you. I changed to the Maretron USB100 because it was in stock. Then the Airmar cable I ordered is out of stock from Airmar. I am looking tonight at getting a 30m cable and then cut/splicing it, because my mounting option looks like it will fit on my radar mast but the cable ends will not go through the fittings.