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Lowrance LMF - Suzuki and MercMonitor

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Lowrance LMF-400, Suzuki and Mercury gauges seem to be built by the same manufacturer, someone knows this manufacturer?


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  • I know Lowrance makes their own LMF gauges, and also the Evinrude E-TEC look-a-likes (they're all NMEA 2000). The Suzuki 4" Multi-function sure likes a Lowrance LMF-400 too, but I don't see a Mercury gauge that looks like a Lowrance, plus the system is not N2K.

    But don't presume that you can use LMFs interchangeably with E-Tec or Suzuki gauges. They function similarly, but I know that at least Evinrude has certain proprietary functions programmed into their guages that aren't available from an LMF.

  • Look for this new Mercury Monitor NMEA2k :

    Mercury will come to NMEA2K in 2010 !