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Recs for Chesapeake Bay GPS/depth/comm setup?

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I have a 20' Grady White (1983 Gulfstream) that is being readied for re-launch after my acquisition - it has no electronics. I have no idea where to begin on a decent, not break the bank setup. Any suggestions? I have no problems with used if there is some good model from prior years I should look for.


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  • You should ask this question at in the electronics section. Some very strong opinions lurk there, and the discussion will be educational.
    In the Bay the max depth is barely 160' so power is not an issue. Just don't cripple your investment with a shoot thru or transom mounted transducer.

    I have found XM weather to be far more useful for staying out of local tstms and heavy rain than radar. It can show them coming from further away, and show you whats behind them. This is not to say that it is a substitute for radar which is valuable in many other concerns. But if you aren't going to get radar, get satellite weather. Its quite inexpensive on the newest small charting fish finders. Last night was a roaring good example!

  • A big factor for you, Mike, may be where you're going to use this boat. If you're going to trailer it around to different lakes and/or different coastal regions, an older plotter could end up being quite expensive in terms of charts and maps, because the older cards cover smaller areas at higher cost. In general, newer machines are also significantly faster, easier to use, and richer in options and features. Marine electronics are on the fairly steep part of the development curve.