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Jon TC

Convert B&G Transducer Data to NMEA 0183?

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I am upgrading my instruments, displays and autopilot from B&G Network to Simrad (AP 28), but I have a question about my existing transducers. Does anyone know if there is a way to read the B&G data from the B&G Speed/Temp transducer and the B&G Depth transducer into the Simrad network? I really would like to avoid having to replace the existing thru-hull fittings, and it appears that the sensors Simrad sells (Airmar) would not fit in my existing thru-hulls. Once the data from the transducers is in the B&G system I can output it in NMEA 0183, but when I eliminate those B&G components is there anything that could look at the existing transducer data and output it in NMEA 0183 (or better yet, NMEA 2000)?

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  • Hi Jon,

    How about the Raymarine transducer pods? These convert raw transducer data into N2K directly.

    The 2 Q's are: 1) are they compatible with your transducers? 2) Will you be able to program the pods (depth offset etc)?

    My answers: 1) Dunno, try it out :-)
    2) Guess no, you'll need to hire/buy a ST70 or Ray chartplotter.

    Good luck,

  • In that case, it will be simpler to just replace the transducers with ones that output N2K. I see Airmar makes an "all-in-one" transducer that outputs speed, depth and temp; do you know someone who sells a separate transducer for speed/temp and a separate one for depth? My thought was that if one component of the DST transducer fails, then you are stuck with replacing/sending for repair the whole unit, so maybe separating the functions would be desirable.



  • Jon,

    I took this up with our B&G expert, but he been away traveling. Today he replied as follows:

    I take it he’s installing an IS20 system to work with his AP28? The IS20 uses NMEA 2000 transducers so the B&G ones would not be compatible (pulsed boatspeed and passive depth). With regards to the hull housings, if he has white plastic ones, the Airmar transducers will not fit. Systems after 1996 started to be supplied with Airmar transducers (black plastic, 40mm id) so in this case may be a possibility to keep existing housings

    Hope this might help you,

    David Sheekey
    Product Expert

  • Thanks David, I have the "B" style transducer thru-hull fittings (brass) so I am going to have to replace the thru-hulls and then use the new sensors. It will be a little more work, but not bad. I appreciate your checking.



  • Jon -- My B&G Network depth just died. Please let me know if you would like to sell the instrument and perhaps the depth transducer. I have the older (smaller) transducer -- not sure it's worth refitting something this old. Contact me at windman_sail at I'm in Ft. Lauderdale