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No 50KHz on Lowrance LCX-113cHD Sonar

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I just installed a Lowrance LCX-113cHD fishfinder on my boat. I have an Airmar B260 thru-hull. I also have the 200/50KHz "Skimmer" transom-mount xducer that came with the sonar, but I don't have that mounted. I tried both transducers and when I select 50KHz frequency, I just get 60' depth flashing on the screen and no image to speak of. I made sure that 200/50 was enabled on the sonar setup page. Tried playing with the sensitivity, ping speed, etc. No dice. Set to 50KHz, the sonar acts as if theres not xducer attached. At 200KHz however, the sonar works perfectly. But at that frequency the cone is too small to see my downrigger balls with the thru-hull mounted so far forward on the boat.. I've also tried putting the Skimmer transducer in the water temporarily onthe end of of 2 x 4, and the results are the same. Could my head unit be bad? Is there some "secret" Lowrance command that I'm not aware of? By the way, I have the latest s/w 2.4.0 for the 113, and there is no broadband black box. I'm really stuck here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll be bummed if I have to return the 113 to the factory...8-[

-Steve D

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  • I had a similar problem and discovered that the unit responded correctly when I turned off the simulator (demo) feature.

  • Thanks for the comeback. I did check to make sure I wasn't in "demo mode" or have the sonar simulator on. 200Kz works fine, but 50Kz acts like it has not power. Lowrance suggested a cold to set everything back to default. Did that last weekend by no dice. I'm going to try mounting the Skimmer x-ducer that came with the unit on a 2x4 and sticking it down in the water. If that doesn't work it's probably the head unit. Or if I can talk one of my friends into buying a similar LCX for me to try it with...8-) Thanks again!

    -Steve D

  • I am working on my third LCX113HD. I have it
    mounted on a 27ft. boat. I first started out with a through the hull transducer but didn't seem to get the results I wanted. I purchased a through the hull unit for better sensitivity.
    The first two units would not stay on. I would be running along and they would just shut down.
    The second unit was put on a seperate power source @ 12.8 volts. Still shut down. Both the first and second unit was sent back to the factor for replacement or repairs.Took forever to get them back. The third unit i just received, installed it on the boat and the power stayed on but the sonar part would fluxuate between the actual depth to 1.4 feet
    several times. Just had to play with it to get it to stay at the actual depth untill we were on the hole. Has anyone else had this type of
    problem if so what was the solution. Getting
    very fustrated with this equipment. As you know
    it's expensive.
    Thanks for your help.