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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

NMEA Data Logging (not just GPS)

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I am looking for a way to log NMEA-0183 data, without using a PC, from my sailboat onto a memory card for use with sailing performance software. I am looking for a solution that runs whenever it gets +12v, without me even thinking about it.

My current method of placing a memory card in a chartplotter is proving useless ... as I continously forget to start the diagnostic capture feature on my charplotter in the midst of quick preperations to get underway racing each wednesday night.

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  • Dan, Brookhouse has a logger they might be able to modify for the data you want to log:

    But I'd guess that a netbook with Franson GPSGate on it might cost about the same, and have many other interesting possibilities. Still, you'd have to remember to turn it on ;-)