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Ben E

Garmin Chart Card Problem

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Garmin is recalling all 2009 version g2 and g2 Vision Data Cards because at least a few show depths shallower than they really are. The problem apparently does not apply to charts build into plotters, just cards dated March, 2009. The Garmin FAQ is here.

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  • This or a similar bug appear to be in the basemap and the 2008 charts as well. All rocks that cover and uncover have the depth displayed incorrectly. For instance, go to

    N 47 34' 40.2"
    W 122 31' 52.0"

    "Orchard Rocks" near Bainbridge Island and compare to NOAA or C-map charts. There are two rocks charted, one that dries at 8' and another at 3'. Garmin displays this as an 8.0 and a 3.0. This is incorrect, it should be (8) and (3) (with underlines, can't get the html to work in this window.) This is with the latest version of software loaded.

    I'd be interested if anybody else could try this and see if they get the same result.

  • Garmin's response:

    "I just wanted to let you know that this issue has been passed on our marine engineering team. At this time I cannot say for sure when the issue will be resolved. However, we are planning to release all new g2 and g2 vision cards in January of this year and it is my hope that the new cards will correct the issue you have reported. Thanks for the feedback."

    So I believe this means that they confirm this problem. This is not a minor issue and it is not confined to the 2009 charts. If you are near a rock that dries at 8' surrounded by a shallow area with 1' of depth at zero tide, Garmin will show it as a rock surrounded by 8' of water. This can put somebody aground.