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compatible antennas for Lowrance

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I have a Lowrance lms-480 unit which needs a new lgc-2000.I have read that the lgc-2000 are very unreliable.Will the Garmin or Maretron brands be compatible with my unit.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Consider an upgrade to an LGC3000 GPS module. There is also a new LGC4000 but you should contact Lowrance to learn if it is compatible with your LMS480.

    Lowrance has a history of repairing the trouble prone LGC2000 for no charge even after the warranty has expired. That was my experience. I have read that they add some shielding during repair and that the repaired units are much more reliable. Mine has done well for over a year after repair.

  • Kyle, My experience with a Lowrance LCX is that any NMEA 2000 GPS sensor will work with it. In fact, it can monitor several GPSs at once and use the one that reports the best accuracy:

    Lowrance's new LGC4000 looks very interesting because it apparently refreshes itself five time a second, instead of once. That might make plotting on a fast boat a lot smoother. I think that any plotter able to see N2K GPS messages will get the fast updates, but I'm not positive.

  • Thanks for the info about my issue.I have been trying to figure this all out.There is not much about what works together.From what I've read there are other options.I just needed reassuring.

  • Thanks for your help about my question.From reading bits here and there that's what I kinda thought.I was not quite sure though.Your answer also leaves a question though.What exactly are N2K GPS messages.I'm not quite sure i understand even after reading a little about the topic.

  • NMEA 2000 (aka N2K) provides a set of standard data message formats, known as PGNs. Thus, data put on the N2K network by one manufacturer's sensor should be understandable to other manufacturers' displays. There are some glitches but overall it's working well.

  • Kyle, I think you have to get a Blue-to-Red Lowrance NMEA2k adapter cable before you could hook up an LGC-3000. The LGC-3000 has a standard NMEA2k "micro" connector on it, but I think, according to the hook-up documentation for the LMS-480 and the LGC-2000, they both have blue, proprietary Lowrance connectors on an LGC-3000 will not hook directly to the LMS-480 cable.

    Incidentally, I bought a couple of LGC-3000 GPS receivers off eBay, as spares, so now I have 3 (!)...if you can't find one yourself, I might be willing to part with one. :)

  • Stenn,I am still searching for a replacement gps for my unit.I have watched ebay myself and only bid once so far.I see a seller or 2 from China that have been putting many antennas up for bid.Do you think I would have a problem with something from ebay?Butch mentioned they have added more shielding.How would I know which is better built or a lemon ready to burn out like the first one?I tested unit the other morning and still get gps not responding.I do have the 12 volts from the 2 pins on the troubleshooting directions.I am definitely still in need of a replacement.I am still torn on what brand to use for a replacement.I do know that if I went to the lgc-3000 I would need the adapter cable.

  • Does anybody know what Lowrance charges to repair defective antennas?

  • Lowrance told me if its not under Warranty they will repair them for $99 vs 199 for a total replacement unit. That was in March of this year.

  • I have a lms 235 that has had 3 failors with the lgs 2000 antenna. I have recently know why.
    1. the fuses they furnished with the the instalation kit were not marine grade. this causes failer because of poor continueity.
    2. If mounted near a radar antenna it must be mounted above or below the the radar antenna's aray.
    3. Last, but most important, the LGC antenas have there own power cable and power source. the lgc antenna operates seperatly from lowrance unit, you must install a switch on the power cable of the lgc antenna. this is to shut it off when it is not in use. otherwise the power to the lgc antenna is constent, eventually giving it a short lived life. please excuse my spelling. I hope this info any one who buys one or has one.

  • William,

    I have been using the original Lowrance provided fuse for the power connection to my LGC-2000 for several years.

    I leave the LGC-2000 power switch turned ON continuously while using my boat and have done so for several years.

    As I do not use radar I can't comment on your statement on radar.

  • i have 12volts and new 3000 puck and still get alert gps module not responding

  • Kevin,

    Did you buy a new LGC3000? I read your post but thought the 3000 may be new to you vs new stock from the box. Have you performed the Lowrance recommended trouble shooting steps with the unit?

    If so, you should be in contact with Lowrance Customer Service. To a. Determine the problem/solution and b. Get whatever warranty support you may need. If not go through the steps before contacting Lowrance. If you don't have the trouble shooting recommendations they may be available on the Lowrance web site or Lowrance Customer Support will e-mail them to you.

    The Customer Service toll free number is 1-800-324-1356. The hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time M-F. I recommend you call at exactly 8:00 to avoid long wait times.

  • I can't find anyone that accually says they have a garmin gps antenna hooked to a lowrance lms that is working. I keep hering it should work. I tried it and get gps not responding. If anybody has this system working could you please post. Thanks

  • Haven't done it with an LMS, but have with LCX and HDS...

  • i hooked a JRC unit to a global map 480 and a LCx16ci and it works on both. cheers. try the power leads nmea cables.

  • Looking for a GPS antenna that will work on my lcx27c do have any suggestion i don't care what kind as long as it works and I can find one

  • i have a lowrance 330 with lms 200 antena and when i turn it on still in Rochester EU,the place were it came but not show that in in PR now.also don't show the satelites like the antena is bad.thaks for you'r support

  • Hi Ben, could you please tell me how you connected the Garmn gps antenna in the shootout article. I have a Lowrance LCX 110 and the original antenna (LGC-2000) is now unavailable. I have a garmin 17X and 19X module and would like to connect it but until now to no avail. Please could you assist me with this dilemma.

  • I have a 10 year old LCX 17m and the LCG 2000 antenna failed, blowing the 3 amp fuse. Had the unit serviced as damage was caused internally to the LCX 17m. Thought the problem was the LCX 17. After repair it still blew a fuse. Looked around for a replacement antenna. Prices were very high for new and most of the used were from china. And LGC 2000 have a known quality issue.

    I opted for the Evermore SA320 that's sells on eBay as an alternative. It's connected through the NMEA0183 option available on almost all lowrance products. It works flawlessly and acquires position faster than the LCG 2000 ever did.

  • I have a Lowrance LCX 113C. I nned an antenna and cable

  • I would be interested in one of your 3000 antenna's I have a lcx 113 and need one

  • Does anyone know what GPS receiver replaces the lgc 2000 for my X 20c?

  • Hi
    I also have lcx 17 and have purchased a sa320, do you remember the wiring on your unit as I cant get mine to work. thanks

  • Hi I have a Garmin 2010c and I have a Evermore SA320 antenna .Does anyone have this set up or a wiring diagram for this