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Does anyone have any info on Ultrasonic Antifouling Sytems and whether or not they work or are they just another way for suppliers to separate boaties from their money.

Practical examples of boats equiped with these systems would be appreciated.

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  • There was a snarky thread on Sailing Anarchy.
    There are some patents. Big whoop.
    It sounds like miracle antennas.

    I'm deeply skeptical until Defender carries it.
    If it actually worked, Defender would be all over it
    unless they don't want you to know about it.

  • Well, I remain deeply skeptical but there are several products on the market, the technology has been around for decades, and Blue & Green Marine won two awards at METS:

    Blue & Green Marine’s new Hull Protection System won two honours at METS – first was a Special Mention in its own Marine Electronics category and the second was a win in the new category of Most ECO Friendly Product.

  • This has been around for many years and has pretty much been proven to be snake oil technology. Save your money.

  • Have a look at the testimonials page on the following link...
    If we can be of any assistance, we will be happy to hear from you.

  • Hi,

    I have just been to the Dubai boat show. There was a company there called NRG Marine, who are big in Australia and are hitting the UAE and European areas. They had some boats on display that had their Ultrasonic Antifouling product 'Sonihull' attached to the hull. One was their own boat and two independants. The product was fantastic and very cheap for what it does.

  • Don't waste your time and money. This technology is unproven and the tactics used by manufacturers and distributors around the world are disgraceful. Stay away.

  • Hi, I can understand some of the comments above. However, technology and the digital age has enabled ultrasonic antifouling to advance their products technically, to ensure that they are not only affective, but cost effective to the end user.

    Ultrasonic antifouling as a principle has been around for many years and the fact that we and our competitors are able to demonstrate independent customer satisfaction from our products use is demonstrable to its effectiveness.

    This is a massive growing market and it is clear to be seen from the rapid expansion of authorised dealers of our products (NRG marine) around the world, that there is a huge market place for this environmentally friendly technology within the marine antifouling market.

    Please visit to see our testimonials, you are welcome to give them a call for an unbiased review.

    Kind Regards

    NRG Marine

    There are NO INDEPENDANT and VERIFIABLE tests done on Ultrasonic Antifoul Systems. So Buyer beware - dont end up being conned out of your hard earned cash.

  • Why not stick a couple of powerful speakers and play hard rap music - that'll scare the barnies off

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  • My brother has the NRG Marine system fitted on his boat and is very happy. Its been in the water for 2 years with the Sonihull running and its still clean as a whistle. If fitted correctly they are well worth the money. It helps me as the deal was, if i wanted to use the boat i had to help clean it each year!

  • I personally put this on my 3660 catamaran and after 7 months of now cleaning the only thing on my boat was a small amount of green on the underwater lights even the areas that had no bottom paint were clean it works amazing and would recommend it to anyone !! if you have any questions 941-713-8360