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Andy Murray

VHF Radio (DSC) / NMEA2000

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Hi All, Does anyone know of a radio that has a good DSC interface that is easy to select vessels to call ? Perhaps with an AIS input select and click call? Andy

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  • Andy, To my knowledge only the Simrad radios with SimNet can do the click-on-AIS-target DSC call, and Simrad had to use some proprietary messages to make it work. I asked NMEA about this, and they expressed surprise that it couldn't be done with Standard N2K messages. I'd like to understand what's going on, and am hoping that both Lowrance and Garmin will make this feature work on their NMEA 2000 VHF sets.

    {PS: this is Ben trying an alternate user registration.}

  • Cheers Ben,

    Would be nice to have some standard system to do this, no doubt it will come!

    one day.....