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Ben E

NOAA charting on a Blackberry?

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Seeing as how NOAA charts are available free online, has anyone come up with applications to be used on PDA's, Blackberrys specifically? Perhaps with Google Earth/Sea as well. I realize there is little or no profit in this thus no incentive to make use of NOAA's raster charts over proprietary vector charts. I know Jeff Siegel is doing some work on but there may be little profit as a business decision. {via e-mail from Ron B.}

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  • Ben,

    Just checked googlemaps for my blackberry bold, it would appear it includes the Google Ocean data from what i can tell.


  • ActiveCaptain is currently working on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android versions.

    The first BB version will grab the nautical charts over the air like the "X Preview" is doing now on the web site. The performance for that isn't bad - unless you have a poor cellular connection.

    The capabilities will start small with the goal of primarily being an interactive guide book. We currently plan on making the product available for free.

    I hope to have a first version by this Summer. Since it'll be free, we'll make it widely available (looking forward to the seeing the RIM application center next month which will make that easier). I'll most certainly be looking for testers along the way. Requests for that will appear in our newsletter - registered users get that by checking "Newsletter" when they sign up.

  • My iphone uses an application from NavX that uses NOAA RNC charts. $50 and you have a fully functional backup chart plotter with independent gps sensors.

  • Jeff, I use a BB 8900 on T Mobile's network. If you are still looking for beta testers, I would be interested. Good luck with the software, it would be an amazing tool to have on the water.

    Ryan P

  • Is there an update on this question? Really looking forward to this possibility.

  • ActiveCaptain is still working on it. X will come live on the web site soon. That's the basis for over-the-air support. iPhone is next because more people are asking for it. Blackberry will be after that.

    The reality is that RIM makes it very difficult to write real applications for the Blackberry. Try to find a good tide and current app for Blackberry. There are a dozen for the iPhone. Certainly you'd expect that to be out way before a full chartplotter with GPS support and yet there's nothing viable yet for Blackberry.

    Blackberry's are really nice devices and support will get better over time for all types of applications (probably). It just isn't in the same class of support from third parties that Windows Mobile or iPhone enjoy now. If I wanted to use a phone for boating use now, I wouldn't choose a Blackberry.

  • Hi, I have a Blackberry Bolt 9700 and I'd like to havo Marine charts for the Brazil coast on my PDA.
    Is it possible?

  • I have a Blackberry Storm 9530. My husband and I will be traveling on a cruise ship through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean from CA to FL. Do you have a marine map application for our Blackberry that would allow us to track us as we travel? We just want to be able to view our location ourselves and it is not necessary that anyone else be able to determine where we are although we might consider that. If you don't have such an app, do you know if I can find it anywhere else. I've already looked at the Blackberry and Verizon apps and can't find any. If not, is there any application that is not outrageously expensive that would do the same on a laptop?

  • VERY anxiously awaiting the RIM version. Any hopes of it being this Summer or should I get an inexpensive handheld?

  • Hi,

    We've recently launched Gps Nautical Charts for Blackberry. Currently only the US region is supported. We will be adding support for other regions soon.


    --Gps Nautical Charts

  • I've dropped all development of BB support. I am working on a PlayBook app assuming that stays on the market.

    I think it's really time to switch away from Blackberry (iPhone or Android). It was a good run. But it's way far behind and I know of no developers working in it now.