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Seatalk ng, NMEA 0183 and WiFi

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Good day,
I've got this new used boat here. It was setup to work with a computer. In other words all boat data is available on USB cables:
1. There's NMEA 0183 GPS/AIS data from a VHF;
2. There's instrument data via an Actisense NGW-1 USB "plugged into" a Raymarine iTC-5.
I'm trying to setup a WiFi solution. I found a couple reasonably priced (about $60) NMEA 0183 to WiFi bridges. But I haven't found a similar solution to get NMEA 0183 data out of the iTC-5.
I'd love to hear suggestions. In fact a very simple solution for me would be a device I could plug in the two existing USB cables (it'd have to power the Actisense) and that'd have a WiFi interface for qtVlm on my tablet.
I'm looking for budget solutions ...