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Consumer-grade PoE camera for security?

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Hi folks,

For a few months now I've been researching consumer-grade PoE security cameras for use when the boat is moored so I can keep an eye on things remotely. The boat has it's own wired and wireless network and bridges to local wifi for Internet access via a Coastal Marine antenna (thanks to the positive Panbo review).

I can find reasonable cameras for in-cabin use, but I'm having trouble finding a camera model that I could use out in the cockpit for checking water, weather and dock conditions -- I'm guessing something IPX67 rated would be needed for that. For features, I'd like the ability to use cloud storage accessible from an app and, ideally, pan/tilt/zoom and some degree of IR vision. PoE powered for reliability and simplicity of install.

Has anyone done anything similar and could offer some recommendations for products I should research more deeply?