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B&G Zeus 2 and MARPA

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Has anyone found a way to acquire a MARPA target on a B&G Zeus 2 unit easily?

The way it seems you do it on my setup is to touch the radar return, touch the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen, then, since the "radar options" is not in the first page of items, you need to scroll up the list to get to "radar options", then hit "finish acquire"...

By which time the boat in question has probably collided with you in the fog.

Not to mention the fact that if its cold and wet the touch screen doesn't always recognize your finger tips or does the wrong thing as you drag your hand across the screen. Again, by which time you have collided with the Kobiashi Maru or the high speed ferry in the fog.

I've heard there are "fast paths" or quick screens you can create in the Zeus units, but the documentation is so bad I can barely figure out how to create a route from the manual.

Admittedly, I'm a long time E120 Raymarine user having a tough time adapting to ONLY touch screen and a lot of new paths...

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