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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

Lithium Batteries Anyone

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Lithium anyone? Are there any vendors yet offering a lithium battery suitable as a house battery that fits in the form factor of a E31/G31 with built in protections so that there are no additional requirements of the electrical system other than maybe a smart regulator for the alternator?

If someone has a product, not ready for market, I would be willing to test and report back on installation efforts and results. I am looking for something along the lines of
* E31/G31 size or smaller with BMS
* Has the benefits of lithium, e.g. fast charging even as the battery approaches 95% charged, deep discharges to say 30%, so engine run time for charging is limited.
* It can support house loads including inverters.
* Two 12volts in parallel (or 2 6volts series)
* If the battery discharges beyond a dangerous percentage, it automatically disconnects.
* If it disconnects automatically, ideally it will reconnect automatically if charging current is applied, or have a simple reset button if manual reconnect required.
* Ideally someone can choose to have 2 for house batteries and 1 for starter, so that the same chemistry is used across battery switches should user need to use the combiner option on the battery switch (e.g. one or the other set of battery's has cut off).