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Fusion stereo with a mind of its own

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Recently installed a Fusion MS-RA55 in my 22' Shamrock CC, and thought all went well. Unit is up in the electronics box under the T-top, so I wired power leads to the bus bars already in place there, rather than to ignition switch. Icom VHF is also wired here, as was previous stereo.

Now, a few weeks later, I'm noticing the stereo comes on whenever I start the engine. Seemed like a silly nuisance when first discovered, but I just returned to the boat after not quite 48 hours to find the stereo on and batteries too flat to start the engine. First time for either of those happening.

Anyone else have a stereo acting this way? I can envision a scenario to (maybe) explain this particular dead-battery incident, but the root cause seems to be a stereo that powers up all by itself.