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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

Best Chartplotter for Racing Features?

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I just saw the Garmin 7608xsv, and was really impressed by their racing features and the sailing screen (shows a sail steer like icon which is much easier to read, graphs of changing TWD direction & AWS, Opposite Tack calculation (is that adjusted for set&drift ?).

It blows away the B&G Vulcan 7 graphics.

I have not see the Zues3 7" yet, it would have the same number of pixels as the Garmin 8". My sense however, is that Garmins will be easier to read.

Which chartplotter would you choose for racing a 35 footer (Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, or other)? Why?

Which chartplotter is best at helping the helmsman nail the starting line?

Which chartplotter is best at showing a sailor (racing or not) what's going on a the B&G SailSteer graphic does?

Is Garmin's sailing math as good as B&G ? Does it take into account all the fine points, including set & drift?

Where to go to find a review comparing these features?