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Adam K.

Use of G.E. Satellite images on Simrad/B&G chartplotters?

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I am currently using a Furuno Navnet 3D for radar and chartplotter functions. I have installed a B&G Zeus2 and Triton wind/depth/speedo instruments. I installed the small Zeus2 as a 2nd instrument display, as well as for the display for my ForwardScan. My thought was that I'd continue to use the Furuno as my chartplotter, rather than invest in 2 chart packages.

I'd like to see if I can use the Zeus2 chartplotter mode to work with Google Earth KAP files for sat imagery (I currently do this w/ SeaQ on my iPad). Would be slick to have simultaneous displays, side by side, showing the chart on the Furuno, w/ the sat images on the Zeus.

Does anyone know if the Zeus2 can read GE files, and if so, how to load them? Thanks.