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Sheldon Haynie

Hands Free Voice over N2K/Ethernet

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With the niceties of AIS/DSC allowing you to tag a vessel and make a call initiated from your MFD, the question occurs, what about providing a "Hands Free" voice capability to the MFD that would allow you to use the VHF & Cellphone services from an MFD, perhaps by placing a speaker/microphone utility "box" that would be either N2K or ethernet adjacent to the MFD?

A bit more thought would enable the "box" to play entertainment, or function as intercoms point to point or broadcast. For those of us who race, having a timer countdown feature or selected audible data would be handly too.

Add in a water resistant USB port and you could even support a keyboard/real mouse for those installations where it would be nice to have instead of typing onscreen...