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Smartcraft wiring

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My boat has twin optimax 225 2003. I am wanting to use the old wiring harness to hook up a mercury gateway to n2k. The reason I think this is possible is because it has white smartcraft guages installed and working but no junction boxes. The wiring harness has a 5 pin plugin cable that looks like a smartcraft connector on it. They use a grey and brown wire going to the guage , but the wires are not on the smartcraft pins rather from what I can find, it is call Can+ and Can- I am wondering if I can just splice the cable at the engines and use the existing cable. I did notice that is is not twisted pair like the blue and white smartcraft pair. I am only going 24 ft to the console. Pulling a smartcraft trunk cable to the back of the boat seems impossible and there is no more room for wire going to the engine cover.