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Dave Winwood

Networking an E80 and an E90W

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I'm trying to set up a system that shares data (using Seatalk HS) from an E90W to an E80 and vice versa. They are connected correctly because I do get some data sharing and I can see the radar image on the E90W even though the scanner (analog 2KW Radome) is connected to the E80. The problem is I have to set the E80 the as data master even though all of the data - except for the radar is connected to the E90W. The E80 does not recognise the E90W but the E90W does recognise the E80. Both units have the latest firmware from Raymarine site. I can provide a lot more information on what I've tried but this is just a summary right now and just in case someone else has had a similar issue.

My background is technical and I have definitely read the manuals!

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