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Need Input - Maretron, VeeThree, Other??

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I'm looking to add EGT gauges and bilge alarms to a twin diesel Tiara. Also looking for a system that can be easily expanded on in the future and don't really like the design of adding a bunch of independent gauges. So that led me to focus on some of the digital displays currently offered and was hoping to get some input from anyone experienced with them.

I currently have a TZ Touch 14 but per conversations with Furuno it wont accept/display most of these inputs.

I was focused on the Maretron 150 (possibly 250 but trying to keep cost down) but their design is looking dated to me. Also like that they are very established and good availability of sensors, etc.

The Vee Can 320 and Veecan 800 look very interesting and more up to date in terms of graphics but can't even find a price and any info about sensors etc.

Would like to hear any input and opened to other system suggestions.