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I have a Furuno TZ9. I originally configured it so that the control unit was in the cockpit under the dodger and a dummy/repeater screen is at the Nav table. I attached a Bluetooth dongle to the USB port on the back of the TZ9 and it drove my mouse and keyboard so I could sit comfortably at the Nav to plot courses without sitting in the cockpit.
In San Diego, I had my software for the TZ9 updated and added some charts. The Bluetooth stopped working. So here I am in La Paz. The repeater/dummy screen works just fine as it is a DVI out of the TZ9 but the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard no longer work. I have reviewed all of the original documents for installation which all show the USB as being there for attachment of a mouse/keyboard. HOWEVER, I found a typewritten page with several corrections to the manual stuffed in the back. The first item on that list states that the USB cannot be used for a mouse nor keyboard as shown in the documentation and that it must be used for large memory storage devices or a Win7 touchscreen laptop. Hey, it worked fine all the way to San Diego from Seattle but then stopped after the software update. Does anybody know of this problem or can propose a workaround to get my mouse and keyboard back for route planning?