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NavNet 3D Garmin Autopilot N2K Communication

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I have a NavNet 3D system networked via NMEA 2000 with a Garmin GHP10 Autopilot system. The Garmin system does not see navigation data from the MFD12 unless I run the MFD12 installation wizard. The nav data transers fine after I run the installation wizard and I do not have to make any changes when I run it. I have to do this almost every time I power up the MFD12. Occationally it works without having to run installtion wizard, but not often.

Heading data transfer from the GHP10 system to the MFD12 works fine without running the installation wizard. I did have to specift the GHP10 as the heading data source for it to work reliably.

Can anyone help with the nav data transfer issue so that the autopilot can follow the MFD route without having to run the installation wizard? The two systems works great together when the data transfer works.

Update: I updated the Furuno firmware to the latest version (2.07) today and now it does not work even after running the installation wizard.