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SonarTRX - Maps from sonar recordings

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To Panbo forum members,

If you have a Humminbird Side Imaging sonar, you can use SonarTRX-SI software to generate Google Earth overlay images from your sonar recordings.

SonarTRX also makes it easy to use Google Earth to annotate your sonar imagery and bring your annotations (points, lines, areas) back to your sonar display or navigation system via GPX files. You can then create your own simplistic vector-maps to describe your fishing or dive-site.

SonarTRX v10.2
- For XTF files and Humminbird Side Imaging (SI) sonar recordings.

SonarTRX-SI v10.2
- For Humminbird Side Imaging (SI) sonars only.

Best Regards & Happy Hollidays,